SEO Tune-Up

From: $299.00 / month


The monthly Service is available in:

Level 1: 5 hours/month Package – $300

Level 2: 10 hours / month Package $600

Level 3: 20 hours / month Package $990





Before you do any marketing effort, a basic SEO Tune-Up is highly recommended in order to set up all the basic tracking for the future reports and remove anything that is holding up your site from ranking at Google.

Search Engine Optimization On-Demand is the product that allows you to perform an audit and generate a prioritized list for all the fixes and improvements SEO-wise that your site needs.

You can configure how many technical hours to allocate in order to allow the experts to do their job in your website and keep technical compliance with the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) up to date.

The monthly Service are available in:

5 hours/month Package – $300

10 hours / month Package $600

20 hours / month Package $990

Google continuously change its algorithm so you will always want to improvements to be up-to-date in the future. For the Off-page optimization reffer to our SEO Campaign type of services.

You will receive a SEO plan after your first SEO audit, where you can choose priorities (free with your first month of service).

The Basic Tune-up stage includes:

  • Google Analytics Setup and others tracking codes.
  • General SEO Audit Report in order to provide a detailed list for all the improvements opportunities.
  • Analyze and improve sitemap.xml
  • Analyze and improve robots.txt
  • Analyze and improve NAP (Name, Address Phone) use
  • Main Keywords Placement at the home page
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Create Social Profiles
  • Create and verify Google My Business account.
  • Create and verify a Bing Places account.

*All The basic Tune-up will be completed in the first 5 hours. Google Authorization and Server Access Required.

In the second stage the efforts are set into the individual pages of the website. The whole site is crawled and all the SEO aspects of a page are evaluated and fixed. This stage is mainly focused on fixing web designer and developers most common mistakes.

Medium Tune-up (Fixing Stage):

  • Keyword Research for each product/service +
  • Search for problems avoiding your site to rank : Coding & Server metrics.
  • Google Analytics Goals Setup
  • Crawl-ability and Link Structure Analysis.
  • URL Structure, Redirects and 4xx Analysis.
  • Speed Metrics for the individual pages
  • Link Metrics analysis for the individual pages
  • Formatting for the individual pages
  • Keyword Placement and SEO analysis for the individual pages.
  • Readability, Uniqueness and Quality Content Check & Improvement.

Time depends on your website size and the way it was built.

Full Tune-up (Optimization Stage):

  • Structure Data
  • CDN, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cache Options, Hosting SLA Monitoring
  • AMP Formatting
  • Facebook Instant Articles Formatting Setup
  • Rich Snippets
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Cards
  • Canonicalication
  • Custom Events
  • Depth-scrolling tracking
  • Funnels Setup
  • Advanced Reporting
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